Run Buddy

Redesigning how users rate and review runs around their city

What is Runbuddy?

RunBuddy is an iOS app that helps runners in cities find great routes for their next run. Runners can see routes that other users have run near them, and choose one to run.

Software: Sketch, Illustrator

Timeframe: June 2019 - July2019

My role: Product strategy, User research & Analysis, MVP definition, Wireframes,

UI Design & Prototyping, Illustration/Icon Design, Usability Testing

Run Buddy

User Research

"In order to learn more about the criteria that runners use to rate, and choose a route to run, I asked a group of RunBuddy Users the following question:

“What factors do you consider when deciding where you’re going to run?"

After synthesizing the responses, I found these to be the biggest themes that I would need to design for:"

Runners care about the safety of the route.
Runners care about the difficulty of a route.
Runners care about how crowded a route is, with people or traffic.
Run Buddy

Competitive Analysis


Uber, shows common compliments to make it quick and easy to leave more detailed feedback on your ride.

"Something like this may work well for RunBuddy ratings depending on the criteria."

Run Buddy

Crazy 8's concept sketches

To start generating ideas for how to redesign the Rate your Run Screen, I did Crazy 8's which involves 8 sketches in 8 minutes.

A few ideas that came out of my sketches:

-Sliders could be useful to rate crowds, difficulty, or safety

-Avoid test inputs-typing takes a while. Make it easy for a user to add their review quickly

- Allow users to rate the run based on simple criteria, and then show them more detailed options that they can easily select to add more information to their review.

Run Buddy

Detailed Sketch Solution

From my crazy 8's sketches, I condensed my ideas into a more detailed sketch, with a higher level of detail.

A few of the key design decisions I made when moving to this solution:

1. I divided up the review screen into 3 sections - safety, crowds, and difficulty.


This will help the user rate more specific parts of the run, and be able to leave a more accurate review that will help others evaluate it.

2. I created high-level choices to rate each category. When a user selects them, it will show more choices for them to add detail about their response.


This will allow users the flexibility to "quickly" rate a run, or add some more detail, without needing to type out a comment or review.

3. Since I don't know enough about how users think of "Safety", I decided to keep a single "Flag as Unsafe" button, to warn users of useful routes as quickly and simply as possible.