Fish tales:Cuisine of Coastal Gujarat, India

Fish Tales is the story of my explorations on the concept of intangible culture heritage

Project Overview:

The intention of this project was to explore the untouched cuisine of the Coastal Gujarat through a medium. Research and personal explorations revealed that many books on the cuisine of Coastal Gujarat focus on Vegetarian recipes.

Software: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and Indesign

Timeframe: August 2014 - April 2015

My role: Branding, Book Design, Illustration, Ethnography, Field Study, Story Writing

Fish Tales


How might we illustrate the culinary cuisine of Gujarat passed from generations with the essence of the communities following their trade and traditions?

The fish that has been consumed as well as exported in the Coastal Gujarat, India. It is taken as the medium to communicate and reflect the gap in conventional accounts of the culinary history of Gujarat. The land which is dominated by the impression the people are primarily the vegeterian.

Fish Tales


Using illustrative narrative, the delivers a untouched cuisine to the readers. The users are able to read the real life stories about the land, and people.

The book design, visuals, illustrations, and content was  based on the ethnographic research done on visual elements that help users and make connections.

Category: Book design, Ethnography Research 

Fish Tales
Fish Tales
Fish Tales