Landing Page Design

InterGen - A talent development and matching platform for startups

Landing Page Design

Landing Page Design

UI Design

Tool: Sketch  Timeline: 4 hours 

InterGen is a unique talent development and matching platform that supports innovation-driven enterprises that lack the resources they need to develop their businesses beyond start-up. They are building an interactive, intuitive technology platform that collects key data and metrics from companies and their experienced business talent. Their members build profiles that identify areas of expertise, experience, certifications, availability and interests, and scaling companies identify the gaps in resources they require to take their companies to the next level.Their algorithms match companies to their member experts based on career history, corporate connections, skills and talents, making match-making efficient. The InterGen Platform supports their partner organizations by becoming the source for connecting resources within our community.

Brand Descriptors

● Growth, scale, collision, disruption

● Spark excitement and hope, but also the confidence of a risk-taking, can-do attitude

● Connection of experience with ambition - senior business talent with young ambitious entrepreneurs

● Removing of boundaries between generations

● Revitalizing Calgary’s economy

I designed the page, following google material design and keeping in mind the young and innovative target audience.

Font - Source Sans pro