A frictionless authentication product for mobile banking users


The Mosaic is an authentication product that provides a frictionless login and logout experience for online banking. It hypothesizes and builds research on specific login problems faced by the customers while entering their bank apps.


The goal of Mosaic is to provide a fast, seamless and secure authentication mobile application product for banks and credit unions. Mosaic offers three types of authentication for the users after he/she registers their choice of the device (Android, iPhone, and iPhone X) with the bank. The mosaic app uses the concept of registering the device by the bank at the time a user opens an account with the bank.

Software: Adobe XD, Illustrator 

Timeframe: March 2019 - June 2019

My role: Product strategy, User research & Analysis, MVP definition, Wireframes, 

UI Design & Prototyping, Illustration/Icon Design, Usability Testing

User Research
Brainstorming Sketch
Brainstorming Sketch
As per Need for Speed Research by Google, what is important for Mobile App user
How it looks
How simple it is to use
It works well on their device (it’s responsive)
How easy is it to find what they are looking for
How fast it is
Joseph- A Busy Professional

Joseph- A Busy Professional

User Persona 

-Name: Joseph Bernard

- Age: 25-35;

-Tend to live alone or with one roommate;

-Have Limited time;

-Have Disposable Income;

-Are Tech savvy and tend to use the iPhone over Android;

-Do all the money transactions by iPhone/Android app;

-Work long hours (8 am - 6 pm), but have some flexibility;

-Go out about half of the nights of the week and have a huge social circle.

Business Goals

What is the expected outcome for the product?

To provide a seamless authentication product to the banks, and credit unions.

What are the users' goals?

Frictionless and secure login in the app with one click.


The context of Use:

Scenario to describe the typical mobile experience that a user like "Zen Bernard- A Busy Professional" will have while using Mosaic Authentication.

Leaving from work on Monday, Zen realizes that he has to pay the bank statement of his credit card. Due to the workload in the office, he forgot about the card due to a report. Zen reaches home at 7:00 in the evening, and he gets a call from his friend for the dinner gettogether. He gets ready and leaves along with his friends for dinner. After dinner, each one of them split the amount. Zen checks his pocket and realizes that he forgot his wallet. One of his friends pays on his behalf. While chatting with his friends, he gets a notification on his phone regarding the credit card bill he has to pay. He opens his banking app with biometric login in one touch and pays his bill. While completing his statement, he also transfers the money to his friend's account. His friends thanked him for the fast transfer and Zen smiles and thought of, "What a great frictionless experience!"


User Flow

Modular design to encourage action.

Design Exploration


I turned my sketches into a black and white interactive prototype done with Balsamiq. I defined UI elements, design patterns, and visual hierarchy. I tested the prototype in-person and remotely.

Security Key Authentication for Android Devices.


Biometric Authentication for Android/iPhone.

Face ID Authentication with iPhone X and above models.

Visual Design

Designed for Simplification

After a few more iterations, I designed the screen with Adobe XD. I have conducted A/B testing during my process to define the design pattern, elements, and colors.

Wrapping Up


Designing the login experience as per the user needs has been challenging and rewarding journey. It was clear from the onset to create a frictionless experience for the users. I researched the issue and understood the user need. Finally, I faced the challenge of creating an engaging login experience for both user experience perspective and the visual perspective.

What are the next steps:

Deep research about specific features

Usability test of the prototype with the users

Improve User Flow

A comprehensive Business Model

Future Features:

To design the frictionless experience for the web, tablet, and watches.